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Example #1: Sample Press Release

Key to Sample Press Release:

  1. Logo (preferably letterhead) or heading -- your organization's identity must be clear
  2. "FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE" followed by the data you plan to send it, or "FOR RELEASE AFTER:" followed by the date
  3. The name of the person to contact in your organization for further information, followed with their daytime and nighttime telephone numbers
  4. The headline for the release -- be as succinct and informative as possible, but give it a headline that captures the meaning of the story
  5. Indent paragraphs five spaces
  6. Double space the body of the release, type on one side of the page only, and use wide margins.
  7. For a release running more than one page, use the word "-more-" at the bottom of each page; if it is the end of the release, use "-30-", "end" or "# # #". This is standard form for news releases -- we aren't sure why, but newspaper editors are!
  8. If your release does run more than a page, head each subsequent page with the page number and a shortened version of the headline.


Reach Out Counseling (A)

1628 W. 145th, Suite 403

Lawrence, KS 66048



February 11, 1997 (B)

For further information contact:

Judy Smith, Assistant Director

555-1313 office, home 903-9898 (C)


Reach Out Counseling Opens Peer Helping Center At Area High School (D )

(E)LAWRENCE, KS -- On Friday, February 14, Reach Out Counseling will open a peer helping center at Lawrence High School, giving teenagers a chance to talk with other young people about their problems. The peer counselors, Lawrence High School students trained to respond to common concerns of teenagers, will offer one -on-one counseling, assist in decision making, and provide professional referrals to young people in need of help.

The peer helping center, which will be located in the northwest corner of the library and open on school days from 3:30 p.m. until 7:30 p.m., was the concept of Reach Out Director Martha Evans.


"Teenagers face tremendous pressure these days to grow up faster and faster," Evans said. "Their friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, or parents expect them to get good grades, to experiment drugs and alcohol, and to become sexually active. Having someone available to listen to them who understands is a valuable service we can give young people."


2-2-2 Reach Out Opens Peer Helping Center (H)

The peer helping program was identified as a needed service at the high school in a survey distributed by Evans. All of the students filling out the survey indicated they felt pressure, ranging from mild to extreme, to achieve in school, to date, and to try alcohol and other drugs, Evans said. Nearly seventy percent of those students said they'd prefer to talk to someone close to or their same age rather than a parent, teacher, school counselor, or church leader.

"Students can come in to talk about their boyfriends, girlfriends, or whatever," said Rebecca Rigler, Lawrence High School junior and peer counselor. "We're here to listen and to talk about what their feelings are, whatever's important to them."


Eric Wadud