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Tool: The Golden Rule: Additional Activities

If you are interested in exploring the Golden Rule further, here are a few additional activities:

  • We suggest putting aside particular religious affiliations and concentrating on the message of the Golden Rule. One way to do this is to cover up the actual name of the faith and note only the meaning that has been written.
  • Make note if there are particular words or phrases that resonate with you more than others.
  • Invite children to express the Golden Rule concept through art and other creative forms.
  • Hold a discussion about the Golden Rule. Can you think of times when you have lived up to these words in their entirety, as well as times when you would have chosen a different way?
  • You may also want to hold a dialogue about each statement in a group setting, inviting people to explore the statements further and discuss their significance to their community and charitable work.
Olivia McIvor
Bill Berkowitz, Editor