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Example #1: Bridging the Divides in Our Communities and in Our Nation

Image of a Kentucky public forum.


The Hands Across the Hills experience initiated in the small community of Leverett, Massachusetts, with Letcher County Kentucky was powerful and positive. They listened to each other, learned from each other, and actually left loving each other. It gave them hope that the divisions in this country can be overcome.


Example #2: Reconciliation Regina

Native American woman in traditional dress, looking at hundreds of stuffed animals on the steps.

In 2016, Regina City Council unanimously approved a Referral Motion moved by Mayor Fougere to honour, acknowledge, accept responsibility and participate in actions to address the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada 94 Calls to Action. This led to the creation of Reconciliation Regina, the beginning of a community-led reconciliation journey now comprised of over 85 community organizations.