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___You have decided that a Board of Directors can strengthen your organization in one or more of the following ways:

  • Perform tasks of the organization
  • Support
  • Convince others
  • Contribute skills
  • Advise
  • Help with fundraising

___You are aware of the fact that it is usually necessary to have a Board in order to receive nonprofit status or public funding

___You have decided on the type of Board that is best for your organization:

  • Traditional
  • Steering committee
  • Advisory committee
  • Board of Directors that reflects the philosophy and structure of a collaborative program

___You have decided on the reasons why your organization needs a Board of Directors:

  • Funding, traditional structure, and nonprofit status
  • Gaining connections with the community
  • Building organizational credibility
  • Attracting good people to your organization and your cause
  • Using board members' talents and skills
  • Maintaining organizational balance
  • Safeguarding the mission

___You have decided that you need a Board of Directors

___You have decided on the purpose of the Board you want:

  • A working Board that helps with the actual functioning of the organization
  • A Board that exists largely for credibility
  • A Board that takes advantage of the direct benefits to the organization of members' talents or training
  • A fundraising Board to bring money into the organization
  • A Board to safeguard the mission and philosophy of the organization

___The Board's relationship to the organization has been determined

___You have decided on the appropriate size of your Board of Directors

___The Board members have been matched to the jobs you want them to do and to the other members of the Board

___The Board members buy into the basic principles of the organization

___The actual Board members have been selected

___The initial meeting has been held on neutral ground

___Introductions have been made

___You have given a report of the state of the organization

___There is a discussion of the organization's goals and of the tasks necessary to meet those goals

___There has been a preliminary discussion of the other committees needed

___The officers have been elected:

  • President or Chair
  • Vice-President or Vice Chair
  • Secretary or Clerk
  • Treasurer

___Committee chairs have been appointed if only temporarily

___Members have been assigned to committees

___A Board meeting schedule has been determined