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Getting started:

___You can determine what people and sectors of the community should be involved in finding solutions

___You have convened a planning group in your community to design the action plan

Invite these people to help prepare an action plan:

___Influential people from all groups affected

___People directly involved in the problem or issue

___Members of grassroots organizations

___Members of ethnic and cultural groups of the community

___Different sectors of the community: media/business community/religious groups/schools/youth organizations/social service organizations/health organizations

Be sure you are able to:

___Review vision, mission, objectives, strategies, targets and agents of change, community sectors to be involved

___Develop action plan with steps for all changes to be sought

___Review action plan: Is it complete, clear, current?

___Follow through

___Keep members informed about progress

___Keep track of what (and how well) you've done

___Celebrate accomplishments

Tips for successful planning meetings:

___Be inclusive

___Create a safe, comfortable environment

___Prepare for possible conflict

___Be efficient

___Record what happens

___Communicate the products of planning (distribute the plan after review by the group)

___Support and encourage group members

For each action or change to be accomplished, list:

___What action or change will occur?

___Who will carry it out?

___By when (for how long)?

___What resources are needed?

___Communication: who should know what?

Does the action plan meet the criteria?




To finish up:

___Review your completed action plan carefully

___Follow through!

___Keep everyone informed about what's going on

___Keep track of what (and how well) we've done

Keep members accountable:

___Regular phone call check-ins

___Reports on progress at meetings

___Celebrate accomplishments