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Section 1. Strategies for the Long-Term Sustainability of an Initiative: An Overview

___You understand that institutionalization is the active process of developing relationships, practices, and procedures that become a lasting part of your community.

___You understand that planning for institutionalization gives you the time you need to solve the problem.

___You understand that it helps you map out how to become an institutionalized initiative with the structure and legitimacy needed for future years of service.

___You understand that it makes your efforts more efficient and effective.

___You understand that it is cost-effective.

___You understand that you want to begin planning for institutionalization once you have a clear idea of your goals and the opinions of your constituency.

You know the answers to the following questions:

___What is the nature of our initiative?

___What are the goals of our initiative?

___What has our initiative done?

___What publicity has our initiative received?

___How is our initiative structured and governed?

___Does our initiative have sufficient staffing?

___Is our budget sufficient to cover expected costs now and in the future?

___What are some obstacles we may encounter? And how do we get around them?