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Section 6. Promoting Behavior Changes by Making It Easier and More Rewarding: Benefits and Costs

What do we mean by making behavior change easier and more rewarding?

___You apply SESDED to your campaign.

Why should you address benefits and costs in social marketing?

___You're prepared to gain information through market research.

___You're willing to make changes to control benefits and costs.

___You know that the balance of benefits and costs is crucial to the process of change.

When is the best time to address benefits and costs?

___You address benefits and costs when you know people are contemplating change.

___You address benefits in the early stages of contemplation.

___You address costs in the later stages of contemplation.

What are some ways to look at the benefits of behavior change?

___You find out what the real benefits are that people are seeking.

___You look at benefits over both the short and the long term.

___You consider both benefits that affect the target population itself, and those that affect others.

What are some ways to look at the costs of behavior change?

___You determine what members of the target population consider the real costs of the desired change.

___You look at:

  • Economic costs
  • Physical costs
  • Logistical costs
  • Psychological costs
  • Social costs

How do you make behavior change easier and more rewarding?

You conduct market research to find out:

___The real reasons people are contemplating change.

___How they would prefer to accomplish that change.

___Whether others' opinions would influence that change, and, if so, whose.

___What benefits or costs could make the difference.

___What kind of support people need to make the change.

You develop a strategy by:

___Starting with SESDED

___Thinking about what the target population needs to make the change possible : information, market conditions, and/or skills.

___Maximizing benefits.

___Minimizing costs.

___Addressing the competition.

___Making the change socially desirable.

___Making the change easily done.

___You pretest your strategy before putting it into practice.