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I am interested in starting a community center for both parents and kids alike. To help build them and their futures and aiding less experienced single parents in raising their children who like help. I would be looking to reach out to those kids who are troubled or needing help with any aspect of their life and future. Would I need to have some form of certification or degree to start this and what are some tools or resources that can point me in the right direction to start?
  • Analyzing Problems and Goals
  • Developing Strategic and Action Plans
  • Building Leadership
  • Increasing Participation and Membership
  • Enhancing Cultural Competence
  • Evaluating the Initiative
  • Improving Organizational Management and Development
  • Sustaining the Work or Initiative
Wed, 01/18/2017
how can a nonprofit use this toolkit? Tue, 01/17/2017
How do I go about advocating for a sidewalk/increased lighting in my neighbor[100th av se] in kent, WA.
  • Developing a Framework or Model of Change
  • Advocating for Change
Sat, 01/14/2017

We are about to begin work on developing a comprehensive communications and social marketing strategy that will address challenges associated with the 2017 visitor experience in Banff National Park. We are seeking agencies or firms who specialize in change behaviour and social change marketing. Would you be able to recommend any agencies or firms in this area or know of any within Canada?

Thank you in advance for your assistance,

Janice Carson, B.A.A. (VC) | Senior Communications Specialist
Marketing & Communications
Town of Banff
Banff Town Hall, 110 Bear Street
Box 1260, Banff, Alberta, Canada T1L 1A1
P 403.762.1227 F 403.762.1260
Fri, 01/13/2017
How do I reference this book Thu, 01/12/2017
I request you kindly to Guide me in developing assessments tools before pre -initiation of community project on Disclosure of HIV to Perinatally Infected Children and Adolescents
Evaluating the Initiative Thu, 01/12/2017
I am in the beginning stages of building coalition here in Co Iowa. Cass. I am struggling with the basic invitational email to the first meeting. I do not want it to wordy or overwhelming. Do you have advise or samples I can piggyback off of?
Tue, 01/10/2017
please who is the author of the book community tool box where stakeholders were identified and analysed
Tue, 01/10/2017
I want to be a radiation therapist, but don't know what to actually major in for that since they don't have that as a major at my school. What would I major in?
Mon, 01/09/2017
role of various stakeholders in corporate governance process Thu, 12/29/2016
How can I bridge the career gap?
61 yo female
PhD Cell & Molecular Pathology, Vanderbilt University
Focus: Reproductive Biology (Infertility)
Postdoctoral/Faculty Focus: Autonomic Dysfunction/Sex Differences
Basic research alongside physicians for ~20y
Pharmaceutical Industry - Medical Science Liaison for ~8y (Osteoporosis/Breast Ca Prevention, Diabetes)
Now - unemployed!
My passion still burns, however. My goal is to do research and/or represent for a Reproductive Rights group (Ctr Reproductive Rights, Planned Parenthood, etc.). These jobs are hard to find!!! Any advice or suggestions you may have are most welcomed.

Kind regards,
-Nancy R Keller PhD
Wed, 12/28/2016
I am wondering if there is a hard copy / printed copy of the online community assessment tool kit that you have available online
Assessing Community Needs and Resources Thu, 12/22/2016

I ask as a Marine Vietnam Veteran For Peace and former Community Organizer trained by Saul Alinsky's executive team in the mid-70s. Maybe the following model presents an actionable empower to Wage Peace!

The Media is Mightier Than War ©

The Vision of WTPN is to form dynamic strategic alliances, creating trustworthy information channels that offer knowledge and intelligence from organized communities and open sources communicating awareness, purpose, principals and values, thus stimulating citizens’ imagination, recognizing their Constitutional obligations and achievements within and among U.S. communities, and their active participation in defining our Nation’s role in world affairs.

Thus, they must connect U.S. Folly Policy, especially vast expenditures for preventive wars of choice to our devastated national and local economies! This point of concurrence must enlighten Americans, as independent thinkers so that they can influence and eliminate the propensity to wage WAR by delusional members of the Complex that President Eisenhower warned us about.

Communities must strategically organize nation-wide and participate fully and equally in the foreign policy debates creating modesty, realism, transparency and accountability, keeping in mind that WAR PROFITEERING is the existential threat to humanity! When it comes to protecting and supporting our troops, veterans and their families, herein lies the moral essence of U.S. citizen obligation.

"How does the ubiquity of social media affect U.S. interests, and how should U.S. policy respond to it? As the communications landscape gets denser, more complex, and more participatory, the networked population is gaining greater access to information, more opportunities to engage in public speech, and an enhanced ability to undertake collective action." Clay Shirkey, “The Political Power of Social Media,” Foreign Affairs, J/F 2011

"Most Americans care little about the conduct of U.S. foreign policy. However, foreign policy often has expensive and even deadly results at home. It is time for American citizens to demand that policy makers treat matters of war and peace as something more than just another battle among special interests." Doug Bandow, “Lobbyists,” The National Interests, March 2010

As citizens of a democracy, we must, repeat, must demand and integrate the facts (genuine intelligence and public knowledge) to fully comprehend the enormous challenges before us. We must rethink our political and diplomatic relations, passionately reflecting on and changing our values and allegiances that has had and continues to have brutal effects on our fellow humans. We must strongly influence our foreign policy debates and policy making that has profound impacts on hundreds of millions of men, women, and children. Our justice system must hold elected and/or appointed decision-makers and officials accountable with severe sanctions when they break international and US laws ~ crimes against humanity and peace...etc.

Arthur Engendorf, a Vietnam Veteran author notes, “healing is the way we restore ourselves...with a little help from our friends, we can heal ourselves, even from war...healing culminates in a renewed vision of what is possible for us and our world. In light of this vision, our individual healing shifts from being the center of attention to an instance of much more encompassing possibility ~ healing for all humanity.”

Legitimacy of moral life depends on the willingness of men and women to struggle with such questions before they decide what to do. Also Karl Jaspers, a Jewish-tainted German WW II philosopher notes, “all men, like all nations, are tested twice in the moral realm ~ first by what they do, then by what they make of what they do. A condition of responsibility denotes a kind of second chance: men are, as if by a kind of grace, given a chance to repay to the living what it is they find themselves owing the dead.”

President Dwight D. Eisenhower ~ “I have come to hate war...[it] settles nothing...under the clouds of war, it is humanity hanging on a cross of iron."

For Our Children Worldwide ... Wage Peace ... Treasure Life.

  • Analyzing Problems and Goals
  • Developing Strategic and Action Plans
  • Advocating for Change
  • Influencing Policy Development
Wed, 12/14/2016
Hi! I would like to carry out an evaluation for HIV and AIDS initiative within my community. What steps should i follow and be able to complte within shortest time possible?
Evaluating the Initiative Tue, 12/13/2016
I am temporarily disabled and homeless I have a son with a history of mental illness who has received very poor medical treatment, he was released in July of 2016, and rearrested one month later for violation of parole, but within the month my son was stabbed, shot , robbed etc, It has been extremely tedious obtaining services, and advocating for him. I don't know if I should reach out to politicians,- And if so, in what order? I have made attempts in my community and rudely rejected. it seems everything has to be in a form of a letter. I have worked in this community as a social worker/program research analyst . I love helping people, and on my few good days I still interact . My heart goes out to the many who struggle with a disability or don't even know how to form a sentence. i can understand how people go about doing things in a poor negative manner, we don't have enough leaders , agencies, etc communicating effectively in order to prevent disasters and opening lines of communications in a positive manner so law suits can be prevented. I am in great despair. please if you can assist, or guide me with at least one question. I would be very grateful . I don't know where to begin.

God Bless
  • Assessing Community Needs and Resources
  • Developing Strategic and Action Plans
Tue, 12/13/2016
hey my name abdalla , im a speaker in our community , for 4 years , now the people think that i,m a most qeuilfying pearson , but i,m nearvous , can you give me some tips how to be a good leader ? thank you
Building Leadership Sat, 12/10/2016
Hello, I am currently learning about how to create a plan to address the health disparities and wellness of the Native American population (specifically the Sioux Tribe of the Lakota people). I have found out that lack of access to care, underfunding, limited electronic history records are some of the main problems. This has lead to culturally insensitive care, and has resulted in the many problems the NA population is having (substance abuse, poverty, dental problems). What is the best way to begin a community intervention program to address this situation?
  • Developing Strategic and Action Plans
  • Increasing Participation and Membership
  • Enhancing Cultural Competence
  • Advocating for Change
Fri, 12/02/2016
Do you have anything directly related to recreation (parks, programming, physical activity, art, etc)? Or anything based on rural (agriculture) based communities (Canada or USA)?
Assessing Community Needs and Resources Thu, 12/01/2016
We are 5 Fordham GSSS students looking to advocate for Bill S3215A. We need people to either write or call in to Senate and House committee members. Do you have any suggestions as to how we might reach out to the public? Would a PSA be effective? Who would we reach out to for this?
Thank-you very much!
  • Developing Strategic and Action Plans
  • Advocating for Change
Mon, 11/28/2016
Dear Sir/ Madam,

I would like to acknowledge this great website and toolbox! Do you have any written reports or documents that can be used as a reference in the scientific work?

Many thanks and regards,
Tue, 11/15/2016
dear admins .
Congratulations for the great work you are achieving .
we are a fresh new healthcare observatory in Tunisia .We are planning to establish a healthcare watchdog to increase transparency in public health facilities management and malpractice .
We are seeking for your guidance , your experience is a huge asset for the success of our mission
Mon, 11/07/2016
I have a little issue, am in need of a proposal on crisis management and conflict resolution on the creation and management of a crisis and conflict management department, in my local ward.
In due off the above stated department, I write to solicit advice, proposal and writeup on the creation of a crisis management department.
Your contributions will be highly appreciated.
Yours sincerely
Jimmy kanu
Cross River State
Wed, 11/02/2016
The Salvation Army Divisional Headquarters is hoping to hire someone to complete a community needs assessment for us. Specifically we are looking at three areas:
Grandview, MO
Eastside KC, MO (9th and Prospect area)
Midtown, KC, MO
Do you have any suggestions about organizations or companies that could do this kind of work of us?
Thu, 10/27/2016
Dear sir or madam,

I am helping in development of a Guidebook for organizing Youth Forums on local level and involving local issues. Guidebook is a last step of the UN implemented project "Dialogue for Future" in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Guidebook is intended to provide future Youth Forum facilitators basic information on organizing local youth events. Is it permissible to use parts of the Section 4. Conducting a Workshop and incorporate them into Guidebook we are developing, with citing a source.

Kind regards,
Tue, 10/25/2016
Hello! I am wondering, would you know how to cite (APA style) your Cultural Competence and Spirituality in Community Building section of your community toolbox?
Mon, 10/24/2016
HI I am teaching a course on Community Development at a small Bible College in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. As I was looking on the internet for supporting materials I came upon your website and have found it an excellent resource. I would like to use some of your Power Points in class and also have students refer to certain pages on your site. The course is part of our Human Services Program and is an introductory level course on Community Development. Could you let me know what i need to do to obtain permission to use your resources for this class? The class runs from November 1,2016 through December 6, 2016. I am also setting up this class for online studies and hope to have it ready for January.
Fri, 10/21/2016
suppose you devise an incentive plan for your company.what particular guidelines will you ensure to make it effective?
Increasing Participation and Membership Wed, 10/19/2016
Hello, I am trying to do a program planning project on STD's in the community.This project should include a needs assessment, program goals and objectives, theoretical foundation, unit plan and lesson plan, instruction for delivery, and evaluation. How do I go about in starting this project? can you please give me and Idea or example.
Thu, 10/13/2016
I would like to speak with someone about the tool box. I would like to implement this program into my community.
Fri, 10/07/2016

what is the Restrictions on <<The interaction of expenses and income>> that you refer to, please describe detail?(CHAPTER 43 SECTIONS and Section 1. Planning and Writing an Annual Budget)

Best regard,

Muny Ey
Tue, 10/04/2016
In a Sept. 2014 Health Promotion Practice article entitled "An Empirical Case Study of the Effects of Training and Technical Assistance on Community Coalition Functioning and Sustainability", the authors (Keene Woods, Watson-Thompson, Schober, Markt, and Fawcett) refer to a 255-item survey used to assess a community group's levels of implementation and use of the 12 key processes. A request to the lead author suggested a search of the Community Toolbox website, however, I have been unable to locate the survey there. Is it available from your website? If not, suggestions for how to obtain?
Assessing Community Needs and Resources Thu, 09/29/2016
I need help with my organizational structure. My organization has been around for five years, has a 501c3, and things just don't seem to be going right. Can your organization help me with this issue?
Tue, 09/27/2016
How do I get a watchdog group started in reno,nv. to watch over the police agencies and hold them accountable for their actions?
Creating and Maintaining Coalitions and Partnerships Sat, 09/24/2016
Hallo Advisor,

My name is Johan Hurter and I am the house father at a shelter for abused woman and children as well as destitute homeless people of all races and denominations..
Our organisation is called the SAVF South African Womans Federation. The SAVF is a NPO dependent on private donors, governmental grants and the national lottery to maintain its vast network of shelters and old age homes.
Our economy is suffering tremendously (various reasons - drought etc) and thus private donors tend to close their wallets.

I attended a top management meeting on sustainable financial development for the SAVF. I was tasked to seek and establish international resources (similar welfare npo's) to seek unilateral relations and financial support.

Please be so kind as to lead me in the correct direction to establish above mentioned relations and perhaps financial institutions that might want to become permanent donors.

Thank you kindly,


Cellno: 0024 716881712
Improving Organizational Management and Development Thu, 09/22/2016
I receive gift certificates as a volunteer em from a non profit company. Can I get in trouble for this?
Thu, 09/22/2016
Your website has valuable information for my research. How would you recommend citing it (APA) for use in a term paper?
Tue, 09/13/2016
Hi I would like to know if you can help us or give us an example draft of a sponshorhip letter we would like to organize a fund raising project to help our community. Thank you guys and God bless!
Fri, 09/09/2016
Hello, My friend sent me to your site. I have been volunteering in a small rural town in South Africa, less that 2 hours from Cape Town, for over 10 years. I do camps for teens and have gotten to know the people in the community very well. I see that health challenges abound, access to healthier foods is scarce and things do not improve year after year. I am not sure where to begin to see if your project might be of support in some way. I am interested in what types of intervention you have used in South Africa. I am known to the local clinic and care-workers but am also aware that there is a great deal of red tape to initiate a health related project there. There is massive alcohol addiction, drugs, obesity, diabetes and hypertension above and beyond HIV AIDS and TB. Any assistance would be so welcome!
Robin Goff
The Light Center, Baldwin City, KS 66006
Wed, 09/07/2016
We at KJB Creative Arts are forming our policies and procedures for an all inclusive dance and diversity company. Could you advise us on how to best form our organisation and direct us toward the required documentation?

Kind regards

Kay Browning
Improving Organizational Management and Development Sun, 08/28/2016
What have you found to be the most effective behavioral change models for weight loss educational counseling on an individual/intra-personal level. Are there resources or tools you have found useful in this setting?
Thank you
  • Analyzing Problems and Goals
  • Developing a Framework or Model of Change
Sun, 08/28/2016