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What are allies?

___You understand that allies are people, or groups of people, who have the same interests as you, or the capacity or resources to help you

Why do you need allies?

___Allies can help you achieve your mission

___They can share their resources and information to achieve a common goal

___The community is more likely to pay attention if there are more people working towards that goal

How do you find allies?

___Use a community resource inventory/directory

___Use the Yellow pages 

___Use a local social service directory 

___Use neighborhood assistance services 

___Ask the Chamber of Commerce 

___Ask City hall 

___Ask your group members, friends, colleagues

___Use the "snowball technique," by asking your known allies to list other potential allies and then asking each of those groups to identify more potential allies

___Identify allies by examining various sectors of your community such as religious organizations, businesses and health care, and identifying organizations within each sector who might be potential allies

How do you choose which ally to contact first?

___You know if you and your allies care about the same things

___You know to consider your allies' risks vs. benefits

___You know how to use the Ally Power Grid to determine which allies you should contact first

___Contact Your Allies