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Tool #1: Letter-writing party

The responsibility of writing a letter to the editor can be shared. One way to do this is to hold a letter-writing party, at which you and your friends or colleagues write a planned series of letters that will be sent to the editor. At the party

  • Pick your topic.
  • Have each friend write a letter addressing the topic--these are Group #1 letters.
  • Have each friend write a draft letter in response to letters from Group #1--these are Group #2 letters. These will be left incomplete so that specific references to Group #1 letters can be filled in.
  • Make a few of your letters provocative so that others will respond.
  • Get permission from others to sign their names so that one person can handle the campaign.
  • Use different types of stationery.
  • Send copies to the "signer" as the paper may call him or her.
  • Let the "signer" know if the letter is published.
  • It may require only 5 or 6 people to develop a huge community response.
  • Mail Group #1 letters. Some may be published. Mail Group #2 letters, with specific information related to those published added, in response to them soon after the Group #1 letters are published. This exercise is great for group morale. It can be fun, too.