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You look at the long term:

__ You develop a vision that guides your long-term effort, and allows you to see the road ahead as one that may be long and winding, but that leads inevitably to a chosen end.

__ You remain flexible so you can respond to changes in attitudes, circumstances, and needs as time goes on, in order to keep moving toward the fulfillment of your vision.

__ You maintain your gains, and don't get complacent, so that you're always moving forward, rather than trying to make up lost ground.

__ You're patient, and continue to work at advocacy, even when it may seem that nothing is happening as a result of your efforts.

__ You persevere over the long term, continuing to work indefinitely in the service of your vision.

You plan for the long term:

__ You create a participatory strategic planning process.

__ You consider the issue in its historical, political, economic, and social context.

__ You anticipate short- and long-term trends and attitudes.

__ You develop short- and long-term goals and objectives.

__ You choose short-term goals that are achievable, and can be used to motivate your allies and supporters to persist in their advocacy.

__ You make sure that your ultimate goal is realistic, not a huge global vision that you can't possibly influence without world-wide or nation-wide organization and support (unless a feasible part of your goal is to construct that organization and support through your advocacy).

__ You are proactive, offering ideas for resolving issues, instead of waiting for others to propose plans.

You prepare for the long term:

__ You prepare yourself by creating organization or an organization, paying attention to:

  • Coordination
  • Communication
  • Day-to-day management.

__ You prepare and motivate allies and other supporters by:

  • Being honest about the need for perseverance and the probability of at least occasional setbacks.
  • Maintaining and demonstrating optimism and passion for the cause.
  • Liberally handing out public and private praise
  • Celebrating successes and effort.

__ You prepare and educate policy makers by establishing and maintaining relationships with them, and giving them the benefit of your research and knowledge of the issue.
__ You prepare and educate the public by working closely with the media.

You commit to the long term:

  • Resources
  • Drive to continue the effort
  • Reevaluation and adjustment of the plan
  • Maintenance of past gains and of the effort as a whole