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You understand the nature of problems:

___They may be defined as the difference between what is and what might or should be.

___They may occur within or outside of the group.

___They occur at different levels of severity.

You have clarified the problem:

___You have started with what you know.

___You have decided what is missing.

___You have gathered information on the problem.

___You have defined the problem.

You have decided to solve the problem:

___It is important.

___It is feasible.

___You are the best people to solve the problem.

___You have weighed the negative impacts.

___You have chosen among possible problems.

You have analyzed the problem:

___You know what the problem is.

___You know why the problem exists.

___You know who is causing the problem.

___You know when the problem first occurred or became significant.

___You know how much, or to what extent, the problem is occurring.