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You understand that a community asset can be:

___A physical structure or place

___A business


___Everyone living in the community

You understand why you should identify community assets:

___Because external resources aren't always available

___To enable residents to gain control over their lives

___For more effective and longer-lasting improvement efforts

You understand when you should identify community assets:

___When you don't know what those assets are

___When community member's talents are underutilized

___When you are unable to provide traditional services

___When you want to encourage pride and ownership among community members

___When you want to strengthen existing relationships and build new ones

You know how to identify community assets:

___You know the size of the community

___You know who is available to do the work

___You know how much time you have for the task

___You know how much money is at your disposal

___You have decided what you want to do with the results

You understand how to identify the assets of groups:

___You have written what you know

___You have added other sources of information to your list

___You have refined and revised your list

You understand how to identify the assets of individuals:

___You have answered the "starting questions"

___You have decided on the geographic area you want to cover

___You have decided how many people you will ask

___You have drafted some questions you want to ask

___You have designed a method by which these questions can be asked

___You have tried out questions on a sample group

___You have collected your data

___You understand how to map community assets

You understand how you can use the assets you have identified:

___Target a particular area for development

___Tackle a new project

___Find new ways to bring groups together

___Publicize the assets

___Create a school curriculum

___Consider creating a "community coordinator"

___Keep records

___Set up a structured program for asset exchange

___Establish a review process for assets