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___ The first step to making change is for communities to acknowledge their need to become inclusive and discussing how to make an effort.

___ Strategies to change should target multiple levels-individuals, groups, and institutions.

___ The most influential leaders representing the major groups in the community should be engaged from the start to provide guidance.

___ Community councils can often help identify potential entry points and/or strategies for building an inclusive community.

___ Any effort for change should bring together people representing different groups as equals in terms of power, respect, and importance.

___ Creating opportunities for members of different groups to identify and share their similarities, differences, and assets can foster unity within a team.

___ Conflicts should be identified, respected, and transformed to improve capacity and relations in the community.

___ Involved institutions should support promoting inclusion, equity, and justice.

___ Any successful collective action should be celebrated.

___ Relationships, strategies, and changes at should be sustained at multiple levels, including the individual, group, and institutional levels.