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Section 3. Developing a Committee to Help with Financial Sustainability

Tool 1: Timeline Form

You can use the following form to record the growth and accomplishments of your own Financial Sustainability Committee.

Timeline Form

By _____________, project staff will identify individuals who should serve on the Financial Sustainability Committee.

Potential committee members:


By _____________, the Director will recruit members for the committee and schedule the first meeting.

Final list of committee members:


By the first meeting of the Financial Sustainability Committee, the administrative assistant will locate or develop materials that will be used to facilitate the meeting.

What materials need to be located or developed?


By when:__________________

Check when done:__________

By _________________, the Director will hold the first meeting of the committee.

Reminders sent out (Y/N)?_____

When? ___________

By _______________, members of the committee will have identified organizations /individuals to approach and determined the amount that will be requested of each. The committee will begin to contact these organizations/individuals.  
By ________________, committee members will have contacted all organizations and individuals identified as potential contributors

Potential contributors contacted? Y/N ____


Once potential contributors have been contacted, the financial coordinator will develop a forecasting budget reflecting the areas in which resources have been obtained.  Date completed:_______________

Tool 2: Donor Request Form 

Copies of this form can be given to members of the Financial Sustainability Committee to keep track of donations requested. One member of the group may want to group the information from all of these sheets into one large master document. Such a document can be used to help track requested donations and responses over the life of the organization.

Donor Request Form

(Name, phone #, etc.)

Requested donation

Date Requested Response

Thank-you note sent

Comments and Follow-up