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Are you ready to write a successful grant proposal?

___You know what a grant is, and that funding comes from both private and public sectors

___You have reviewed recommendations for developing each standard section of a grant proposal, and determined how to clearly present information in a way that will elicit a positive response from grant reviewers

___You have conducted an efficient online search of supporting data for your needs / problem statement

___You have reviewed recommendations for presenting data in your grant proposal

___You have prepared a line item budget and its accompanying budget justification text

___You have written process and outcome objectives that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, timed, and challenging

___You have linked your budget request and your evaluation plan to proposed activities

___You have prepared a structured time line of activities using a GANTT chart

___You have identified feasible possibilities for how your proposed program can become self-sustainable

Congratulations! You now have the skills and tools you need to write a winning grant proposal!