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What do we mean by historic preservation?

___Historic preservation is safeguarding the existence and appearance of historic elements of the community

___Historic elements may include structures, neighborhoods, landscapes, and building or landscape features

___Historic preservation includes four possible activities:

  • Preservation is preserving a place as it is in the present
  • Rehabilitation fixes up a deteriorated historic property, often for a use other than its original one
  • Restoration means putting a building or landscape back the way it was originally, or at a historically significant time in its past
  • ­Reconstruction is the creation of a historically accurate copy of either a specific historic property that no longer exists or an example of one from a chosen historical period

Why encourage historic preservation?

___It preserves the historic, architectural, and aesthetic character and heritage of a community or area, and helps to provide a sense of place and continuity

___It is an efficient use of resources

___It preserves old methods of workmanship

___It can add character and/or charm to a community, and emphasize its uniqueness

___It can attract investment and change the nature of a deteriorating neighborhood or area

___It can provide an opportunity for the imaginative or creative use of a building that has stood empty because it outlived its previous use, and at the same time solve a community problem

___It can be a good investment

When should you encourage historic preservation?

___When the community is engaged in creating a comprehensive plan for growth and development

___When there’s a neighborhood planning effort

___When there’s a neighborhood revitalization effort under way

___When affordable housing or another specific need is clear in an area, and historic buildings are available to meet it

___When development is planned in an area that includes a historic structure or neighborhood

___When there’s a celebration of community history

___When a historic property is threatened

___When the community is engaged in a heritage tourism effort

___As part of a job training effort aimed at at-risk populations or individuals

Who should encourage historic preservation?

___Public officials and planners

___Owners of historic properties, including developers, businesses and industries, and individual homeowners

___Community developers

___Those likely to benefit from tourism

___The business community

___Community activists, especially those concerned with the cultural heritage of the community

___History buffs

How do you encourage historic preservation?

___Use incentives: tax incentives, other incentives, grants and loans

___Use regulations governing the treatment and use of historic properties

___Provide help and support for preservation

___Educate the public on the topic

___Engage in advocacy with governmental and non-governmental decision makers