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Section 2. Providing Supervision for Staff and Volunteers

You understand that to provide supervision for employees, you must:

___Choose someone to supervise the staff and volunteers

___Ensure that He/she has had adequate training in supervisory skills

You understand that to direct those you supervise, it is important that:

___You have given the volunteer/employee a written explanation of their responsibilities and expectations

___You have given the volunteer/employee an orientation program

___You have made sure that training was thorough and clear

___The worker has a clear understanding of their responsibilities and available help

___You keep a file for every staff member and volunteer

You understand that to support those you supervise, it is important that:

___You constantly challenge your workers to try new things and accept new responsibilities

___The "lines of communication" are wide open

___You provide regular feedback to those you supervise

___The employee/volunteer clearly understands his/her role in your organization

You understand that to discipline those that you supervise, it is important that:

___You are capable of handling general problems

___You have specific guidelines for poor job performance

___You have specific guidelines for a policy violation