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You understand why it is important to be careful when advertising your position:

___It is often the first impression a potential staff member will get of your organization.

___Advertising that is carefully written and distributed can attract those you want to apply, and discourage those whom you don't want.

___Advertising has legal implications for many organizations, especially those with public funding.

___In order to apply for a job, the ideal applicant has to know about it.

___You understand that practical considerations for writing and placing an ad include cost, what is most important to you, necessary information, and the necessity of following your own requirements.

You understand that a job ad or posting usually includes:

___A catchy title or headline

___A brief description

___Basic qualifications

___Full or part-time status

___Job location

___Starting date

___Actual salary and benefits, or a phrase like, "competitive salary and benefits"

___How to apply and an application deadline

___You have considered all of the different ways of posting or advertising the job.