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___You have already chosen which type of training you will use.

___You decided on what the training will accomplish.

  • General
  • Organization-specific

___You have designed your training session to:

___Develop an individualized training that will best suit your organization's needs.

___Pass on the experience and expertise of members of your organization.

___Give staff members or volunteers experience in training design.

___Offer staff and volunteers additional opportunities for professional growth.

___You have used experts, future learners, and future teachers to design your training session.

Designing the Training

___You learned about the people you will be training.

___You understand the needs of your target audience.

___You have considered the scope of your organization's needs and resources.

___You understand the specific objectives for the training.

___You developed the content of your training session.

___You decided on a format for your training.

___You decided who should run the training.

___You have asked people not involved in the development of the training outline to critique it.

___You recruited participants.

___You developed a way to assess your training.

___You have celebrated your hard work.