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Why should you listen to those whose behavior you're trying to change?

___You listen out of simple respect.

___You listen because it will improve both your campaign and its chances of success .

Who are the people to whom you need to listen?

To identify those to whom you need to listen:

___You use your knowledge of the community.

___You use publicly available government information.

___You read the latest research about your issue.

___You use information from the community itself.

___You look for indirect targets.

___You consider how much of the potential target population you want to reach.

___You aim at the whole community if necessary.

How do you contact those whose behavior matters?

___You use language the target group understands.

___You put your message where the target group will get it.

___You know and respect the culture and customs of those you're trying to reach .

___You use trusted intermediaries.

___You make as much personal contact as possible.

___You let people know you're interested in what they think.

How do you listen to those whose behavior matters?

___You know the forms research can take:

  • Indirect sources
  • Non-participant observer ethnographic studies
  • Participant observer ethnographic studies
  • Depth interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Surveys

Determine which questions to ask:

___You identify the decisions that will need to be made as a result of the research , and who will make them.

___You determine what information the decision-makers need in order to design and run an effective campaign.

___You check with the decision-makers to make sure that what you've come up with is what they really need.

___You decide what kind of analysis you'll need to complete your study.

___You determine the questions you need to ask to get the information you need.