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What do we mean by improving the quality of housing?

___Improving the quality of housing refers to increasing the quality and quantity of affordable housing for low- and moderate-income community members, as well as encouraging environmentally responsible construction

___Affordable housing costs no more than 30% of household income

Livable housing should be:


___Big enough

___Free of hazardous materials


___Accessible for all residents

___In appropriate locations

___Convenient to transportation and services

Housing should be well-designed so that:

___It meets the needs of its users

___It responds to its context

___It enhances it neighborhood

___It is built to last

___Housing itself and its construction and site should be environmentally responsible

___Housing should be built with its social effects in mind (mixed income, mixed use, etc.)

___Improving the quality of housing takes a concerted and collaborative effort, resources, and the use of incentives and regulations

Why improve the quality of housing?

___It adds to the physical and social attractiveness of the area

___It increases property values

___Improved housing increases pride in the neighborhood for everyone

___Well-built housing is kinder to the environment

___Improving the quality of housing is cheaper for both the developer and the community in the long run

___Improved housing can increase the potential or actual workforce in the area

___It can preserve open space and/or reuse unused, previously-built space

___It can replace or restore an aging housing stock

___Improving the quality of housing can be part of a plan for anticipating the growth of the community

___Improving the quality of housing is the right thing to do

When should you try to improve the quality of housing?

___When there’s a community planning or development effort in progress

___When there’s an outcry about the lack of decent housing

___When there’s a crisis

___When there’s funding available from a federal, state, or foundation initiative

Who should be involved in improving the quality of housing?

___The developer

___The business community, particularly lenders 

___Local officials



___Potential renters or buyers

How do you improve the quality of housing?



___Consider diversity

___Plan, design and build as if this were upscale housing

___Address the impact, especially of a large development, on its area

___Plan, design, and build around the needs of residents

___Be creative

___Plan for recruiting tenants or buyers

___Use incentives for developers

___Expect and specify the returns for those incentives

___Enact regulations and limits on development

___Use public financing or building where it’s appropriate and will be well-managed

___Engage banks and work with low-income renters and buyers

___Use a collaborative development process


___Continue working indefinitely to improve the quality of housing