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What is conflict resolution?

___Conflict resolution is a way for two or more parties to find a peaceful solution to a disagreement among them

Why should you use conflict resolution?

___You want to come to an agreement that benefits all parties

___You want to understand more about those whose ideas, beliefs, and backgrounds may be different from your own

___You want to ensure that your relationships with opponents continue and grow

___You want to find peaceful solutions to difficult situations

___You want to save your energy for more productive activities than battles

___You know when you should resolve the conflict

___You have decided if the conflict is between individuals or groups (or an individual and a group)

What are the seven steps to resolving conflict?

___You understand the conflict:

  • You understand both sides' interests
  • You have considered the possible outcomes of the negotiation
  • You have considered possible mediators and objective standards to help resolve the dispute

___You are ready to communicate with the opposition:

  • You are willing to negotiate with the opposition in order to find a resolution
  • You want to learn from your opposition
  • You want to turn your opposition into an ally

___You are prepared to brainstorm for possible resolutions

___You have selected the best resolution

___You have found a third party mediator and/or objective standard

___You have set a best alternative for yourself if negotiations fail

___You are ready to identify and cope with stressful situations and pressure tactics