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Free Internet training sites

Michael has been working for his local telecommunications company for two years. Every week his company offers free classes in Internet training. The trainer is a very personable, intelligent woman. Those who have taken her classes have not only learned to use the Internet, but rather have also learned to love using it.

Michael's company is happy for those people who have learned to use the Internet from the courses; however, he and his bosses wonder why so few people have utilized these training resources. They decided that a plan for communication is needed.

The next week Michael hung flyers on neighborhood and citizen bulletin boards and called the leaders of neighborhood organizations in the city. He then called the newspaper and took the advertisement he had placed in the back of the newspaper and moved it to the community forum. The classes were advertised as a way to bring citizens, neighborhoods, and the larger community together. The ad encouraged members of neighborhood organizations and unaffiliated citizens to attend and learn.