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Section 5. Welcoming and Training New Members to a Board of Directors

Example: Sample Topics for a Board of Directors Manual

A manual of relevant Board materials should be provided to each Board member. This manual greatly helps to orient and train new Board members, and ensure efficient organization and access to these materials.

While certainly not required for all manuals, you should consider whether the following topics are relevant for your Board of Directors manual:

  • Strategic Plan Information (Vision, Mission, Values, Issues, Goals, Strategies, Work Plans)
  • Work Plans (for each Board Committee)
  • Board Roster
  • Board Member Biographies
  • Board Organization
  • Background Information
  • Code of Conduct
  • Committee List
  • Membership Policies (if the organization is a membership agency)
  • Policy Statement
  • List of Current Members
  • Chief Executive
  • Job Description
  • Evaluation Process
  • Performance Criteria
  • Finances
  • Fiscal Policies
  • Internal Control Policies (Accounting Procedures)
  • Most Recent Overall Financial Statement
  • Budget Narrative
  • Income and Expense Statement
  • Personnel Policies
  • Accounting Controls
  • Collections for Accounts Past Due
  • Conference Room / Meetings
  • Dress Code
  • During Chief Executive's Absence
  • In Case of Fire
  • Key Forms
  • Kitchen Area
  • Large Mailings and Copy Lists
  • Office Forms
  • Office Supplies
  • Other Reimbursements
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Receptionist/Program Assistance Advance Notice
  • Snow Days
  • Special Recognitions
  • Telephone Coverage
  • Time Tracking
  • Tracking In-Kind Donations
  • Tracking Volunteer Hours
  • Travel Reimbursements
  • Vacations
  • Organization and Services
  • Staff Code of Conduct
  • Diversity Plan
  • Organization Chart
  • Job Descriptions
  • Salary Scales
  • Summary of Benefits
  • Staff Address List
  • Staff Information Form
  • Descriptions of Programs/Services
  • Program / Plan Results
  • Service Objectives
  • Income Objectives
  • General Information About Boards
  • (any concise materials about Board roles, responsibilities, etc.)
Carter McNamara