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Section 5. Welcoming and Training New Members to a Board of Directors

Before the welcoming and training session:

___You have decided who should attend

___You have decided who will facilitate the meeting

___You have sent out information for attendees to look over before the meeting

You have made sure new members will receive:

___A Board manual

___Minutes of previous meetings


___Materials developed about the organization and its programs

The welcoming and training session itself:

___You have given everyone nametags

___You made sure everyone has a chance to meet everyone else

___You explained major topics which concern the Board

___You have ensured adequate time for questions and answers

___You made sure new members get involved immediately

After the welcoming and training session:

___You sent out minutes that detail what was said

___You have send out an evaluation form

___You have called the new members

You have made sure that new members are able to:

___Take on their roles in the organization both quickly and comfortably

___Feel more connected to one another

___Feel more connected to the organization

___Better understand their role on the Board -- why they were asked to join, and what is expected of them as members

___Operate from the same "script" -- that is, to understand the vision, mission, and their roles in the organization in the same way

___Feel more motivated to do a better job